About Us

About Laura

Over time, as we grow older, memories fade of special times in our lives. When we try to remember them, we always tend to forget details that we never thought we would. When I am able to capture moments of your lives, I am making sure that those details are not forgotten. Photography is a peaceful outlet to this crazy world and is a perfect way to make a moment in time stand still. A silent moment in life that will forever be captured.

About Mel

Growing up, there were a lot of moments in my life where I just wish I could stop the clock and reminisce longer, to be able to create a time machine to go back to re-feel emotions or relive certain events that I hold on to dearly in my heart. To be able to see that one person one last time and remember that smile they put on my face. I love how taking pictures of moments can tell a story about someone’s past and I believe that its a great way to not only tell your kids or others your life story, but show it as well. Photography is a great way to freeze, relive, and go back in time to those moments and helping others to be able to do that. Being able to give someone that luxury makes me feel all the more passionate about doing photography and brings joy to my heart in doing so.